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Feb, 2021

Updated Return to Play Guidelines for Spring 2021

Dynamo Families-

The club has updated procedures for before, during, and after training as well as matches for all Dynamo teams, travel and recreational.

Please read and be familiar with the clubs guidelines in order to ensure a safe and healthy Spring season together.

- Pittsburgh Dynamo 

Pittsburgh Dynamo Youth Soccer Return to Play Guidelines

This is an overview of how Pittsburgh Dynamo will approach returning to play as permitted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and recommended by PA West.  The guidelines below will be expected to be followed by the club, players and parents during the Green Phase in order to safely return to the pitch.

It is very important that anyone not attend tryouts, practice, or any other related activities if not feeling well.  Please wash hands or use hand sanitizer prior to attending any events.  A personal zone of 6 feet should be maintained for each player for their personal belongings.  Disinfecting wipes will be available to disinfect any shared equipment.

Arrival & Departure from Oval

  • Teams on the grass should arrive and depart from the asphalt ramp near the beginning of Schenley Drive

  • Teams on the turf should arrive and depart from the entrance near the bathrooms

  • Please avoid use of the stairs to enter and exit Schenley Oval. 


  • Please check your player’s temperature at home prior to practice. A player with a temperature of 100.3 or above will be ineligible to play.  Results will not be recorded or shared.

  • Exposures: 10 day quarantine for any travel out of state to affected areas with which PA has a quarantine procedure; or exposure to a confirmed COVID-19 case (see current PA state guideline; as this is an evolving guideline: )

  • Wash hands with soapy water or use hand sanitizer prior to participation

  • Each player shall bring their own equipment

  • Do not share water bottles, equipment, or snacks.

  • Each player’s equipment, water bottles, and personal effects should be kept 6 feet away from another’s personal zone (markers will be utilized)

  • Players must maintain physical distance of 6 feet when not actively playing.

  • Players must refrain from celebrating with physical contact (such as high fives).

  • Mask wearing is REQUIRED on sidelines during game play. 

  • Masks are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED during practices and games for Dynamo players. PA WEST guidelines only require masking on sidelines during game play. Dynamo seeks to encourage and normalize mask wearing as a norm, but will not require mask wearing during outdoor practices for players. Coaches and families should work together to determine the culture of masking that will be used on each team. 


  • Please check your player’s temperature at home prior to practice. A player with a temperature of 100.3 or above should stay home with recommendation of contacting their physician. 

  • For players in the Travel League: We recommend that parents remain in their car during tryouts or practice. 

  • For players in the Recreation League: We recommend that parents follow PA West guidelines to ensure that their child is supervised while at practice; coaches are volunteers. 

  • If a parent wants to observe the child they must 1) wear a mask, 2) maintain a physical distance of 6 feet from others.

  • Bring your own hand sanitizer.


  • Wear a mask at all times 

  • Provide personal zones of 6 feet for all player’s equipment.

  • Maintain 6 feet distancing from players during session.

  • Keep hand sanitizer available.

  • Sanitize any shared equipment.

Club Admins

  • Please check your player’s temperature at home prior to practice. A player with a reported temperature of 100.3 or higher will be ineligible to play and should be sent home with recommendation of contacting their physician.  

  • Admins will practice appropriate hand hygiene.

  • Maintain distancing of 6 feet from others. 

  • Wear face masks during club related activities.


  • Provide 6 ft. separation zones for player equipment.

  • Spectators should maintain 6 feet distancing whether standing or in bleachers

COVID Positive response

  • In the event that a player, parent, coach, or admin has symptoms indicative of COVID-19 please contact your medical provider.

  • A positive COVID-19 test result will be disseminated via Allegheny County Health Department to ensure contact tracing. 

  • Travel Commission will ensure all registered families are notified of any positive cases for the organization; specific individuals impacted by the exposure will be notified separately and confidentially. 

  • Any team with a positive COVID-19 test result will not practice for 10 days from date of notification of test result. 

PA West Information (as of February 10, 2021)


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