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Volunteering with Dynamo

Dynamo is an all-volunteer non-profit, and we're always looking for help to keep things running smoothly. Volunteer coaches are the lifeblood of our organization, since they work directly with our players. But even if coaching isn't right for you, there are many ways you can help the Dynamo community. Please read below to see if there is a role that might be a fit for you. Many hands make light work!

Commissioner Roles | General Volunteer Roles | Rec League Roles | Travel League Roles | Indoor Roles

Commissioner Roles

Below are some of our most important volunteer roles, and we're always looking for intrepid folks to join the team. Please contact [email protected] if you can help with any of these!

Rec Age Group Commissioner (Always "hiring"!)

Age Group Commissioners (AGCs) are vital to the Rec League. Each AGC takes charge of a particular Rec age/gender division—usually one with their own child(ren) included—and makes teams and chooses practice/game days based on the preferences of those registered. Among the perks of this role are free registration for your child and getting to pick team colors!

Could be you if: you like logic puzzles, spreadsheets, and choosing your child's team color.

Travel Assistant Commissioner (Always "hiring"!)

There are many things that go into making a Travel season successful—team formation, coach recruitment/support/compliance, scheduling, field maps, rescheduling, uniforms, communication, answering questions, etc.—and many hands makes light work. We're always searching for people willing to help out with even a small piece to lighten the load on the existing commissioners. Current travel coaches and managers are welcome to jump in! We won't burden anyone with anything they're not comfortable with.

Could be you if: you have any of a number of behind-the-scenes skills that could help make Travel run smoothly.

Indoor Commissioner (Always "hiring"!)

Help organize the indoor league over the January to March season. Create age groups, open registration, make schedules, and help form teams.

Could be you if: you rock.


Below are volunteer roles that aren't specific to a single Dynamo league. Please contact [email protected] if you can help with any of these!

Website Admin (1 opening)

Dynamo's website is one of the common places people find out about our organization, how we're different, and what we do. The Website Admin would help the commissioners of the Rec, Travel, and Indoor leagues post updates when registration opens and adjust some content as needed.

Could be you if: you like having information organized and are decent with computers.

Social Media Liaison (1 opening)

Dynamo’s current presence on social media is…a bit behind the times. But undoubtedly we have community members who are active on a variety of social media. Here’s a chance to help inform, promote, and celebrate Dynamo. This role would include posting announcements, information, cancellations, and maybe even some cool videos to social media.

Could be you if: you’re active on both social media and with Dynamo.

Hodge Fund Planner (1-2 openings)

Dynamo has a specific pool of money (in memory of Leroy Hodge) that’s intended to help underrepresented kids get involved with soccer. But this fund is largely sitting dormant. This role would entail finding ways to use this money to do outreach, recruitment, transportation, or any other activity which brings underrepresented minorities and Dynamo together.

Could be you if: you’re into doing good and community outreach.

Special Event Coordinator (1-2 openings)

While the bulk of Dynamo-related action happens on the field, that doesn’t mean our community can’t connect doing other things around Pittsburgh. For example, last year we had a Dynamo Night at a Riverhounds game, where Dynamo sold 476 tickets and the kids had a great time. Events could include things like Riverhounds/Pirates outings, a Dynamo picnic, participation in parades, etc.

Could be you if: you like to plan a party.

Rec League Volunteer Roles

Below are roles specific to our large in-house Recreational League. Please email [email protected] if you're willing to help with any of the roles with openings!

T-Shirt Coordinator (CURRENTLY FILLED)

The T-shirt Coordinator will coordinate pick-up of the team shirts and getting them to the coaches for distribution to the players. We typically have plenty of volunteers willing to pick-up the shirts from the printers and a second set of volunteers happy to sort them into bags for the coaches. The coordinator will oversee organizing the volunteer transport/sorting as well as provide a temporary storage location until distribution.

Could be you if: you have some space in your house and can host a packing “party" before the season.

Rec Equipment Coordinator (CURRENTLY FILLED)

The Equipment Coordinator will be tasked with organizing and distributing coach’s bags at the start of each season. At the start and end of each season an equipment inventory will need to be done so we can order any replacements. Some coaches will keep their bag from season to season, others will want to return it after the season ends so keeping track of what is out there and what we have is necessary. Off-season storage is available.

Could be you if: you have some space in your house and a big vehicle.

Rec Coach Administrator (CURRENTLY FILLED)

The Coach Administrator will work with the Recreation Commissioner to maintain the records for the coaches. This includes creating the coach roster, applying coach refunds, and monitoring coach clearances. The work will be online and will not involve recruiting coaches.

Could be you if: you want to support our coaches and have an eye for digital details.

Rec Referee Liaison (CURRENTLY FILLED)

The Rec Referee Liaison will communicate with our young referees to provide support and with our Rec coaches to get feedback on referees' performances. No specific knowledge of refereeing/rules is required.

Could be you if: you have a young one interested in getting a paycheck and want to support them.

Rec Referee Scheduler (CURRENTLY FILLED)

The Rec Referee Scheduler is responsible for assigning our pool of youth referees to Rec games each weekend during the season. Each week of the 8-week season, this person will ask for referees' availability, assign them to games, and communicate the schedule back to them.

Could be you if: you like a well-organized schedule.

Travel Volunteer Roles

Below are roles specific to helping to manage our Travel teams who compete against other teams from PA West District 1. Please email [email protected] if you may be able to help with any of the open roles!

Field Assistant Commissioner (1-2 openings)

Though the President is responsible for submitting permit applications for Schenley Oval, there are times our size and access dictate we may need to rent/use other fields. This role will be to help identify and contact other fields in the area to help alleviate the Schenley Oval crunch.

Could be you if: you’re good on the phone and have solid Pittsburgh knowledge/connections.

Referee Coordinator Liaison (1 opening)

Our travel referees are assigned by an official Assignor, but sometimes things come up like schedule or field changes, illnesses, or miscommunications. This role will be to be the point of contact for coaches and referees when they have questions. You may answer some questions if possible, or refer the issue to the correct person if not. No referee/rules knowledge required.

Could be you if: you answer your phone even when it’s an unknown number.

Summer Pick-up Coordinator (1-2 openings)

Though Dynamo doesn't have any official programs over the summer, over the past couple of years we've tried to offer some options for pick-up for our Travel players who want to stay sharp. We often have some permits for the Oval for this purpose. This role would be to make an email list of those who are interested, and remind them of dates/times.

Could be you if: your Travel kid may want to play some pickup over the summer.

Travel Equipment Manager (1 opening)

Our Travel teams and coaches need supplies, and there are also general things needed up at Schenley Oval, like corner flags and sandbags. This person’s role will be to keep tabs on what we have, do a little inventory management, and order things if needed.

Could be you if: inventory is in your wheelhouse.

Travel Uniform Contact (CURRENTLY FILLED)

We are switching to a new uniform provider, WeGotSoccer, as of Fall 2023. This person will just need to stay in touch with our representative at WGS, answer any questions about our teams or timelines, answer families’ questions about sizes/access, and maybe send an email or two alerting families to available Dynamo fan wear/gear.

Could be you if: you’re into shopping, marketing, and a bit of inventory tracking too.

Veo Camera Manager (CURRENTLY FILLED)

Dynamo’s recent purchase of a Veo Camera allows for broadcast-style recording of games, which is great for coaches to help kids see where they might be able to improve, and also for families to enjoy some highlights of their players’ performances. This role will be to make a schedule for the Veo Camera’s usage, point the Veo Contact for each team to appropriate instructions, and answer any Veo-related questions.

Could be you if: you’re organized, into video, and like making a schedule.

Indoor Volunteer Roles

Below are roles associated with our fairly small indoor league that takes place from approximately January to March each winter. Please email [email protected] if you may be able to help with any of these!

Indoor Commissioner (1-2 openings)

Help organize the indoor league over the January to March season. Create age groups, open registration, make schedules, and help form teams.

Could be you if: you rock.

Indoor Equipment Manager (1-2 openings)

Indoor is a smaller beast to manage, but sometimes equipment still needs to be moved to appropriate places and/or replaced. This role will be to help get things where they need to go and support the Indoor commissioner(s).

Could be you if: you have a big car and can transport stuff on weekends.


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