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Where Is My Player’s Schedule?

Over the past year we have been transitioning to online-only schedules. Once you have received your team assignment AND a notice that your player's schedule has been released, you can view the schedule through Dynamo’s registration system or you can view it through the GameChanger app. This is what you should see when you use each method:

On Your Phone through GameChanger
On Your Phone through Pgh Dynamo website
On Your Computer through Pgh Dynamo website

The schedule will tell you time and location, but you will still need to consult the practice and game maps to know where to go.

Note: if you are NOT the person who registered your player, their schedule will not be available to you automatically. See below for guidance on how to view their schedule using these different methods. 

On Your Phone through GameChanger

If you do not have GameChanger already, you will need to download it. It will look like this:

If you are the person who signed up your player for Dynamo, use the same email address to automatically connect to that player’s schedule. Here’s an example of what your home screen will look like, and what you will see when you click on your player’s team:

You can invite other fans by going into the team, then clicking on Teams then Fans. You will see a “+ Invite Fans” option. You can also message your coach and label your player’s availability for practices and games.

If you are NOT the person who signed up your player, you will have to be added with the “+ Invite Fans” option. Either the person who registered your player or your player’s coach can do this for you.

On Your Phone through the Dynamo Website

If you don’t want to download the GameChanger app or it’s not working for you, you can still view your player’s schedule on your phone. You will need to log into first.

If you are the person who signed up your player for Dynamo, your home screen when you log in will show your player automatically like this:

To access their schedule, click on the blue team name link. It will take you to the team directory which shows all the players on the team. From here you can see the schedule by choosing the schedule icon (note that there are download and print options as well) or message your coaches by choosing the message icon.

If you are NOT the person who signed up your player, the only way to see their schedule using this method is to be added to the same account that registered the player. The original account holder will have to invite you to join this account by going to settings, then scrolling down to where it says “+Add Additional Account Holder.”

On Your Computer through the Dynamo Website

This is very similar to the process on the phone through the Dynamo Website. Once you log in to and click on the team name, the options of “Calendar” and “Email” are more obvious. From your home screen, the Settings icon is in the upper right corner.


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