TRAVEL LEAGUE: Teams & Practice Schedule

The travel league seasons vary but will generally fall in the following time frames.

  • Fall Season starts late August (first game is after labor day) and early November
  • Spring Season is late March to early June

Spring 2019 TEAMS

Team Name Division Club PL Head Coach
B2000 Dubs 5 Pgh Dynamo 17 S. Hunter Simpson
B2001 CityFC Classic 3 Pgh Dynamo 18 David Thyberg
B2002 5 Pgh Dynamo 21 Andy Lobl
B2004 City FC 4 Pgh Dynamo 22 Curt Larson
B2005 Zangle 4 Pgh Dynamo 18 Sarah Zangle
B2005 Schunn 6 Pgh Dynamo 18 Chris Schunn
B2006 Fossum 4 Pgh Dynamo 15 Mark Fossum
B2007 Rizzo 5 Pgh Dynamo 15 Piervincenzo Rizzo
B2008 Ward 5 Pgh Dynamo 12 Paula Metzger
B2008 Campfield 4 Pgh Dynamo 12 Brian Campfield
B2009 Weissberg 5 Pgh Dynamo 9 Matt Weissberg
B2009 Hoyos 5 Pgh Dynamo 9 Miguel Hoyos
B2010 Haglund 5 Pgh Dynamo 10 Karl Haglund
G2000 Molder 4 Pgh Dynamo 16 David Molder
G2001 Schlingemann 5 Pgh Dynamo 18 Frederik Schlingemann
G2004 Olmsted 5 Pgh Dynamo 21 Stuart Olmsted
G2006 O'Driscoll 5 Pgh Dynamo 13 Sean O'Driscoll
G2007 Carhuaslla 5 Pgh Dynamo 13 Domenic Mantella
G2007 Lobl 4 Pgh Dynamo 12 Andrew Lobl
G2008 Yang 5 Pgh Dynamo 13 Charles Yang
G2009 Schneider 5 Pgh Dynamo 11 Jon Schneider


Practices will happen as scheduled by the head coach of each team. Schenley Park field permits begin April 15 for our regular season practices listed below. Preseason practice times will be sent by the coaches. Oval Permit. Sch 2 Permit. Sch 3 Permit.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Schenley Turf
6:40p - 8:10p Lobl 2002B Zangle 2005B Olmsted 2004G Schunn 2005B Campfield 2008B
Fossum 2006B Schunn 2005B Schlingemann 2001G O'Driscoll 2006G 1/2 field scrimmages
Turf end cap Schneider 2010G Hoyos 2009B
8:10 -10pm Larson 2004B Molder 2000G Dubs 2000B Molder 2000G
Dubs 2000B Thyberg 2001B Thyberg 2001B
Schenley 2 (full grass field)
6:40p - 8:10p Olmsted 2004G Campfield 2008B Larson 2004B Fossum 2006B Yang 2008G
O'Driscoll 2007G Lobl 2007G Lobl 2002B Zangle 2005B
Schenley 3 (u12 grass field)
6:00 Hoyos 2009B
6:40p - 8:10p Schneider 2010G Rizzo 2007B Yang 2008G Lobl 2007G
Weissberg 2009B Ward 2008B Weissberg 2009B Ward 2008B
St Edmunds (turf)
6p - 7:30p Haglund 2010B Mantella 2007G Haglund 2010B Mantella 2007G Rizzo 2007B