NO SOLICITING for general inquiries for registration and rosters for information on the various age and gender brackets
NOTE: Lvl 3 = "Classic League", Lvl 4 = "Division 4 Travel", and Lvl 5 and 6 = "District 1 - East" (Dynagrrlz = "District 2 - North")

Team Name                           Lvl     Age        Coach
Pgh Dynamo - G18 Lapp               5       GU19       Daniel Lapp
Pgh Dynagrrlz                       6       GU19       David Molder
Pgh Dynamo - B19 Coles              5       BU19       Nicholas Coles
Pgh Dynamo - B17 Hull               4       BU17       Todd Mowry
Pgh Dynamo - B16 Marty              3       BU16       Paul Marty
Pgh Dynamo Dynamite                 4       GU15       Greg Pierce
Pgh Dynamo - B15 Sanders            4       BU15       David Sanders
Pgh Dynamo - GU14 Barelli           6       GU14       Pedro Barelli
Pgh Dynamo Rangers - B13            5       BU14       Daniel Short
Pgh Dynamo Cyclone                  4       BU14       Jim Rosenberg
Pgh Dynamo - CheVarea - B14 Piccolo 5       BU14       Christopher Piccolo
Pgh Dynamo Pride - G13 McDaniel     5       GU13       Jeffrey McDaniel
Pgh Dynamo - B13 Molder             4       BU13       Pantelis Papazekos
Pgh Dynamo - G12 Waldron            6       GU12       Jennifer Waldron
Pgh Dynamo Dynamite - B12 Ewing     4       BU12       Frank Ewing
Pgh Dynamo - B12 Woolley            5       BU12       David Woolley
Pgh Dynamo Flames - G11 Peters      4       GU11       David Peters
Pgh Dynamo United - B11 Larson      4       BU11       Curt Larson
Pgh Dynamo Destroyers - U11 Dine    4       BU11       Jeffrey Dine
Pgh Dynamo - GU10 Shevitz           6       GU10       Nicolas Hawken
Pgh Dynamo - G10 Krimmel            6       GU10       Alan Chu
Pgh Dynamo - Firecrackers           6       GU10       Julie Marcoux
Pgh Dynamo - Wolf Pack              5       BU10       Olivia Wells
Pgh Dynamo - BU10 Maldonado         6       BU10       Hernan Maldonado
Pgh Dynamo - BU10 Fossum            6       BU10       Mark Fossum

All team admins (coaches and managers) must obtain both of these documents:
Criminal Record Check aka "PATCH"
Child Abuse Record Check aka "CY113"

And additionaly only one of the following:
Volunteer Affidavit aka "Residency Aff" [ if you have been a PA resident for 10 or more consecutive years ]
FBI Fingerprint Check aka "FBI BC" [ otherwise, a national test (because it's only been 9 or less) ]

Once you have all three documents, upload them via a PA West Background Check Registration. (just continue after logging in [no need to add more family members]; only play level is "background check" [still must select]; and, do "Click here to show photo or certification upload" and you may have to scroll right)

Coaches should also obtain an E License from PA West (or from any US Soccer state association), which requires getting an F License first (via the Digital Coaching Center).