TRAVEL LEAGUE: Teams & Practice Schedule

The travel league seasons vary but will generally fall in the following time frames.

  • Fall Season starts late August (first game is after labor day) and early November
  • Spring Season is late March to early June

Fall 2018 TEAMS

Team Name Division Club PL Head Coach
B2002 5 Pgh Dynamo 21 Andy Lobl
B2004 City FC 4 Pgh Dynamo 22 Curt Larson
B2005 Zangle 4 Pgh Dynamo 16 Sarah Zangle
B2005 Schunn 6 Pgh Dynamo 16 Chris Schunn
B2006 Fossum 4 Pgh Dynamo 18 Mark Fossum
B2007 Rizzo 5 Pgh Dynamo 15 Piervincenzo Rizzo
B2008 Ward 5 Pgh Dynamo 12 Paula Ward
B2008 Campfield 4 Pgh Dynamo 12 Brian Campfield
B2009 Weissberg 5 Pgh Dynamo 9 Matt Weissberg
B2009 Hoyos 5 Pgh Dynamo 9 Miguel Hoyos
B2010 Haglund 5 Pgh Dynamo 10 Karl Haglund
G2004 Peters 4 Pgh Dynamo 21 Stuart Olmsted
G2006 O'Driscoll 5 Pgh Dynamo 13 Sean O'Driscoll
G2007 Carhuaslla 5 Pgh Dynamo 13 Domenic Mantella
G2007 Lobl 4 Pgh Dynamo 12 Andrew Lobl
G2008 Yang 5 Pgh Dynamo 13 Charles Yang
G2009 Schneider 5 Pgh Dynamo 11 Jon Schneider

PRACTICE SCHEDULE - Fall 2018 - [First Draft... stay tuned!]

Practices will happen as scheduled by the head coach of each team. For access to the Schenley Park field Permits (click to view or download) If you need a .pdf of the schedule Download a .pdf of the practice schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Schenley Turf
6:40p - 8:10p Lobl (boys) Zangle Larson Schunn Yang
Olmstead Fossum O'Driscoll Campfield
Schenley 2
6:40p - 8:10p Schunn Lobl (girls) Lobl (Boys) Larson
Schneider O'Driscoll Olmstead Zangle
Carhuslla Yang Fossum
Schenley 3
5:30 - 7pm
6:40p - 8:10p Rizzo Lobl
Ward Carhuslla
Campfield Ward
St Edmunds
6p - 7:30p (turf) Weissberg Hoyos Weissberg Hoyos Rizzo
6p - 7:30 (grass) Haglund Haglund