Posted Mar 13, 2020

Dear Travel Families,

Due to the Covid-19 virus, we are suspending our soccer season until further notice. 

We are fortunate to have several medical professionals among our board and coach volunteers and after much thoughtful discussion we have determined to suspend soccer for now. 

Some ways to keep your kids engaged include

- sharing recorded soccer videos they should watch from home

- sending footskills drills they can do alone indoors or in their yard

We anticipate continual updates from US Soccer and PA West over the next several weeks and we will keep you posted. 

As a club, we value your child's health and safety, and the health and safety of the greater community, above all else. We look forward to the resumption of soccer when it is deemed to be appropriate.


Pittsburgh Dynamo Travel Commission



The Travel League emphasizes a stronger focus on skills development and requires a more significant time commitment from the players than Dynamo's Recreation League, though in keeping with the Dynamo Philosophy.

The opportunity to play Travel Soccer is open to players U10 and older. In the Pittsburgh Dynamo Travel league, children compete against teams of the same age group and skill level from other soccer clubs in the PA West Soccer Association. We are actively exploring the addition of a City Travel League as well.

Travel means that you will be on a team that competes against kids from all over our city or district. For City - its Pittsburgh. For PA West, we are in the eastern district of PA West. If you take a look at the other clubs in that district, you'll get a sense of where your team may travel to.

Just as in Recreational Soccer, Dynamo relies on parent volunteers to coach the Travel teams. A travel team usually requires assistant coaches and team managers to fulfill roles and all parents are invited to help out. We provide coaching courses, online materials, and experienced coaches to help you transition to coaching Travel.

Dynamo organizes both boys and girls teams for children U10 age through U19 age. Teams are formed by birth year per the guidelines of PA West. Players identified at tryouts to exceed the skill level for their age may be asked to "play up" a year to allow us to form teams. Our emphasis is on getting as many kids as possible the opportunity to play.


Travel Soccer requires an increased commitment on the part of the player and their family.


U10 through U15 age teams play games in the fall and spring. Following the PA West rules, U16 through U19 age teams only play games in the spring.


Travel teams practice two evenings a week at one of the city fields in the Squirrel Hill vicinity. Practices are usually an hour and a half long. We practice later in the evenings, usually after the rec teams are done at 6:40pm


Travel League games are scheduled for Sunday, to begin no earlier than noon. Weather or other cancellations may require rescheduling for other times. Usually half of the team's games will be at our "home fields" in the Squirrel Hill area. The other half will be games we travel to within our district. This means 30 - 80-minute drives to get to games. A team manager will organize carpooling for these games.


As the children grow, field sizes, roster sizes, and the number of players on the field change by age group. In addition, they will be expected to continue to grow and demonstrate knowledge of the game rules through play. More information about these rules is available on the PA West website.

The Dynamo Philosophy in the Travel League

The Dynamo Travel League emphasizes the development of fundamental soccer skills, knowledge of the rules of soccer, and good sporting behavior. We want our players to learn the game, to build character, to set objectives and to strive toward them, to gain personal confidence and pride, and to have FUN. The winning of games is the focus of the play not the measure of success. Following the Dynamo philosophy, our primary objective is to teach children how to play and respect the game of soccer. More information about this philosophy is available on the Dynamo website.

Also in keeping with the Dynamo philosophy, we encourage and expect good sportsmanship. Referees, coaches, players, and opponents should be treated with respect and there is zero tolerance for poor conduct within the Pittsburgh Dynamo organization.

Dynamo Parent Sideline Agreement

Dynamo Travel Player Code of Conduct

To learn more about Dynamo Travel read on.