St Edmond's Academy Field House

Dynamo plays some of it's indoor games here.

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Park in St Edmund's private lot between the JCC and St Edmund's.
Please do not park in the lot on the other side of St Edmund's (between it and Church of the Redeemer)

Directions from the Parkway East

Before Squirrel Hill tunnels (out[east]bound) or after tunnels (in[west]bound) take exit 5, "Squirrel Hill".
Take first left (signed to Squirrel Hill) onto Forward Ave.
At first traffic light, turn left onto Murray Ave (there are two lefts at that light, Murray is the less sharp of the two)
The fifth traffic light is Darlington Rd, but you can't turn there. It is one way, the wrong way.
At the sixth traffic light turn left onto Forbes Ave (JCC is on the left).
Turn left at the second driveway into a narrow alley leading to St Edmund's parking lot. This turn is easy to miss because the entrance is narrow. It is actually the first gap in the buildings because the JCC parking lot has its entrance under the JCC building.