Schenley Oval

This is Dynamo's flagship all-weather artificial grass field, used for U14 and up travel games and the recreational league. We call this field "Schenley Turf", but we (U10 travel and the recreational league) also utilize the grass area next to the turf, which we call "Schenley Grass".

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The best address to use with a GPS is

10341 Overlook Dr. Pgh Pa. 15213

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Directions from Parkway East I-376

Directions from Parkway East I-376

Before Squirrel Hill tunnels (outbound/heading east) or after tunnels (inbound/heading west) take exit 5, "Squirrel Hill".

Turn left off of exit ramp onto Forward Ave. Proceed under the parkway to traffic light, staying in left lane.

At the traffic light, take the soft left onto Murray Ave. Proceed uphill to second traffic light.

Turn left onto Hobart St. Proceed through the first light and continue into Schenley Park.

At the next Traffic light, turn left onto Greenfield Rd., then immediately turn right onto Overlook Dr.

The Parking is always tight on weekends. Park where you can on Overlook Drive and proceed on foot up the 39 stairs and between the tennis courts

or between the tennis courts and the restrooms to Schenley Oval.

Directions from North, Route 8

Cross Highland Park Bridge and follow Route 8 south (Washington Boulevard). You will pass cycling track and Pittsburgh Police Station on right.
Continue up Washington Blvd. crossing Route 380 (Penn Ave.) (6th traffic light after Highland Park Bridge)
Turn left onto Beechwood Boulevard at the next (seventh) traffic light, bend immediately to right and proceed until 1st stoplight.
Turn right onto Wilkins Avenue, proceed 3 more stoplights until CVS store on left.
Turn left onto Wightman Street, proceed 3 more stoplights.
Turn right onto Beacon Street, proceed until joining with Hobart Street and proceed to 1st stoplight.
Turn left and then immediately to right onto Overlook Drive.
Park near steps on right to access Recreational fields.
Proceed further and park near restrooms on right to access Schenley Oval.