Recreation League Coaches

Coach Education Courses

Because we believe in not only having fun, but also in building soccer skills, Dynamo strongly encourages recreation league coaches to create and account at the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center. and at least take the Introduction to Grassroots online course. It's free.

Dynamo will reimburse the $25 should you choose to take the 4v4 online module.

In addition to the online modules, PA West will be hosting the in-person courses throughout the year. Dynamo will try to schedule one 7v7 and one 11v11 course every year. We will reimburse the cost for these if you coach 1 season.

Pre-registration with PA West Soccer is required:

Dynamo Resources

U5/6 Activities

U8/9 Activities

U10/12 Activities

U6-16 Activities

Additional Coaching Resources

We strongly encourage all coaches to take advantage of these great resources; help keep everyone on track with the Dynamo philosophy:

Soccer Xpert - Drills by Age

Massachussetts Youth Soccer

Travel League Coaches:

PA West is now mandating that everyone have the appropriate in person grassroots course for the age they coach.

Currently held F and E licenses will no longer be recognized starting in the Fall 2018 season - we will be unable to roster you in Affinity.

u9/10 - 7v7 u11/12 - 9v9 u13+ 11v11.

Your first step to getting the correct license is going to the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center and creating an ID. Then take the online "Intro To Grassroots Coaching" module. The club is going to schedule the in person courses for at least 7v7 and 11v11 bewteen May 2018 and August 2018 to be ready for the Fall 2018 season.

This link will explain all the changes.