Coaching Clearances

The City of Pittsburgh and the State of Pennsylvania requires that all youth association volunteer coaches and managers obtain:

1) State Police Criminal Record Check

2) PA Child Abuse History Clearance

3) Either:

-if PA resident for at least 10 continuous years…a complete and notarized Volunteer affidavit

-if PA resident for less than 10 continuous years…FBI Criminal Background Check

If you are planning to be rostered as a coach or manager for the current season, please apply for these clearances. Directions are listed below.

Note that Dynamo no longer needs to reimburse for the state clearances because they are now free for volunteers (as of 07/25/15); Dynamo will reimburse you for the affidavit or federal clearance.

Questions should be directed to the relevant league commissioner.


1. Act 34 state criminal record check, from PA State Police:

Apply online at and print/save the results. You do not need to request a notarized copy.

2. Act 33 Pennsylvania child abuse history clearance, from PA Department of Human Services:

Online processing for the Act 33 child abuse history clearance is now available at

Check the Volunteer option as the purpose of the requested clearance. Note that volunteers must attach a copy of the Act 34 criminal clearance to the completed Act 33 application. Retain a second copy to be submitted to Pittsburgh Dynamo.

3. Residency or FBI Background Check Instructions

If you have lived in the State of Pennsylvani for 10 years, complete the following Volunteer Qualification Affadavit and have it notarized. Volunteer Qualification Affidavit (PDF): Click Here

- or -

If you have not lived in the State of Pennsylvania for 10 years, apply for a FBI Criminal Background Check.

The FBI clearances are now done through Identgo. Go to this page for information and the code to use:

Use the code for DHS Volunteer - 1KG6ZJ as of 3/29/2018

4. TRAVEL LEAGUE Instructions

Step 1 - Obtain the required documents from the appropriate agencies.

Step 2 - Upload the required documents into the PA West Soccer Online Risk Management System

PA West Soccer coaches, referees, and volunteers are required to comply with the Child Protective Services law. Please upload copies of your required documents into your record in the PA West Soccer Online Risk Management System. Using this system you'll create an application and upload your documents into your admin record. You'll use your current login info if you have an account in our online registration system; if you don't have an account you'll need to create one.


Provide evidence of all three clearances to Dynamo at or

Pittsburgh Dynamo Youth Soccer

P.O. Box 8217

Pittsburgh, PA 15217

6. Dynamo will maintain a file of all volunteer clearances so that these clearances can be presented to the City of Pittsburgh upon request.

Please feel free to redact the first five digits of your Social Security number from the Act 34 certificate before submitting a copy to Dynamo. Your Act 33 clearance should have the first five digits of the Social Security number redacted already. If by chance your Act 33 clearance reports your full Social Security number, feel free to redact that document as well.