Recreation League Referee Procedures

DYNAMO deeply appreciates all the time and energy you will be giving to the league. If you have questions or need help, contact the Recreation League Referee Assignor listed on the contact page.

If you are going to be unable to work an assigned game, contact the recreation referee assignor as soon as possible.

I. Before Leaving Home: Preparation

  • Make sure you can find your whistle and watch

  • Arrive on the field with enough time start promptly at the assigned game time

II. Before the Game: Check-In

  • Arrive on the field in uniform:

  • USSF Referee (Blue/Black badge): Gold shirt with badge, black shorts, black socks (pulled up) with white stripes, black shoes.

    Dynamo Referee: Gold Shirt and Badge. Shorts, sox, and shoes are your choice but look professional

  • Sign in on the weekly schedule located in a notebook inside the referee file box. You must sign in order to get paid.

  • Inspect the field area for safety issues. The coaches and parents are responsible for setting up the fields appropriately. Make sure the field is set up safely and appropriate for the age group

  • Field and Goal sizes

    • U6: Two 80' by 60' fields side by side with space in the middle for players and coaches. Pugg goals weighted with a sand bottle
    • U7/U8: Two 100' by 70' fields side by side with space in the middle for players and coaches. Pugg goals weighted with a sand bottle
    • U10: One 210' by 110' field. Usually play a thin, half field. Goals are usually the 7'x21' white metal goals with wheels. When metal goals are used, they must be weighted with sandbags to prevent tipping.
    • U14: Full or shortened field with the full size metal goals properly weighted with sandbags.
  • Check in the players
    • Players must wear shin guard
    • Players may NOT wear metal jewelry. Taping over an earring is not acceptable.

III. During the Game: SFFI (Safety, Fairness, Fun, and Instruction)

  • Playing periods
    • U6: 4 -5 minutes
    • U7: 5-6 minutes
    • U8: 6-8 minutes
    • U10 and above: Work with the coaches to divide the time into 2 or 4 period
  • Ball Sizes
  • Micro: Size 3
  • U10: Size 4
  • U14: Size 4 or 5
  • Teach the Laws of the Game to the players, the coaches, and the parents. Make sure you briefly explain your calls, restarts, and the laws in a voice loud enough for all the players on the field to hear.
  • Players' safety comes first then make sure the game is fun for everyone including you
  • Do the referee player exercises. Take a break. Then start the game.
  • Take appropriate water breaks for the age level and weather conditions:

IV. After the Game

  • The game ends at the top of the hour.
  • Take a quick break and get ready for your next one

Links and additional Information:
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  • U6: 4 -5 minutes
  • U7: 5-6 minutes