Posted Mar 13, 2020

Dear Travel Families,

Due to the Covid-19 virus, we are suspending our soccer season until further notice. 

We are fortunate to have several medical professionals among our board and coach volunteers and after much thoughtful discussion we have determined to suspend soccer for now. 

Some ways to keep your kids engaged include

- sharing recorded soccer videos they should watch from home

- sending footskills drills they can do alone indoors or in their yard

We anticipate continual updates from US Soccer and PA West over the next several weeks and we will keep you posted. 

As a club, we value your child's health and safety, and the health and safety of the greater community, above all else. We look forward to the resumption of soccer when it is deemed to be appropriate.


Pittsburgh Dynamo Travel Commission


TRAVEL LEAGUE: Teams & Practice Schedule

The travel league seasons vary but will generally fall in the following time frames.

  • Fall Season starts late August (first game is after labor day) and early November
  • Spring Season is late March to early June

Fall 2019 U10-12 Teams

Team Name Division Club PL Head Coach
Yang 2008 G 5 Pgh Dynamo 15 Charles Yang
Campfield 2008 B 4 Pgh Dynamo 13 Brian Campfield
Metzger 2008 B 5 Pgh Dynamo 14 Paula Metzger
City Travel U12 City Pgh Dynamo
Weissberg 2009 B 4 Pgh Dynamo 13 Matt Weissberg
Hoyos 2009 B 5 Pgh Dynamo 14 Miguel Hoyos
Schneider 2010 G 5 Pgh Dynamo 12 Jonathan Schneider
Haglund 2010 B 5 Pgh Dynamo 10 Karl Haglund
Allsup 2011 B 5 Pgh Dynamo 12 Kelly Allsup

Fall 2019 U13-15 Teams

Team Name Division Club PL Head Coach
Bradbury 2005 B 5 Pgh Dynamo 18 Candelaria Bradbury
Fossum 2006 B 4 Pgh Dynamo 15 Mark Fossum
Lobl 2006 G Blue 5 Pgh Dynamo 18 Andrew Lobl
Lobl 2006 G Orange 5 Pgh Dynamo 16 Andrew Lobl
Rizzo 2007 B 5 Pgh Dynamo 16 Piervincenzo Rizzo
City Travel U14 City Pgh Dynamo

Fall 2019 U16-19 Teams

Team Name Division Club PL Head Coach
Lobl 2002 B 5 Pgh Dynamo 20 Andrew Lobl


Practices will happen as scheduled by the head coach of each team. Schenley Park field permits begin April 15 for our regular season practices listed below. Preseason practice times will be sent by the coaches. Oval Permit. Sch 2 Permit. Sch 3 Permit.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Schenley Turf
6:40p - 8:10p Bradbury 2005 B Rizzo 2007 B Lobl 2006 G (A) Fossum 2006 B Campfield 2008 B
Fossum 2006 B Lobl 2006 G (B) Metzger 2008 B Rizzo 2007 B
Schenley Turf - End Cap
8:10 -10pm Lobl 2002 B Lobl 2002 B
Schenley 2 (full grass field, just east of turf)
6:40p - 8:10p Lobl 2006 G (A) Metzger 2008 B Bradbury 2005 B City Travel U12
Lobl 2006 G (B) Campfield B City Travel U14
Schenley 3 (u12 grass field)
6:40p - 8:10p Schneider 2010 G Allsup 2011 B Yang 2008 G Schneider 2010 G Yang 2008 G

Schenley Practice Area (on the west and east sides of Schenley 3)

6:00p -7:30p Haglund 2010 B Hoyos 2009 B
Hoyos 2009 B
St Edmunds (turf)
6p - 7:30p Weissberg 2009 B Haglund 2010 B Weissberg 2009 B Allsup 2011 B