Travel League Referee Procedures


I. Before the Game: Check In

Each team must provide you with a Roster with a current PAWest sticker and 2 Line Up cards.
Each player MUST have a card with current sticker. They may NOT play without a card. No exceptions.
Hold on to the Roster and Cards till after the match.
Players may NOT wear metal jewelry. Taping over an earring is not acceptable.

II. During the Game

Enforce the Laws of the Game
Players' safety comes first

III. After the Game

Line Up Cards: Center Referee should write the score of the match on two lineup cards, one from each team, sign the line up cards. Have the coaches verify the score and sign their team's card. Give BOTH to the winning coach. Give the line up cards to the Home coach in the case of a tie.

Game Reports: You must provide a Game Report to PAWest
-if you give any yellow or red cards
-or if there are any serious injuries. An injury is considered 'serious' if the player does not return to the game.
Game Report forms can filled out online from the PA West Website Game Reports can be filed over the web to report yellow cards and/or injuries. Be sure to get the player (or coach) ID number (not the number on their jersey) before you return the teams' roster.
RED CARDS. If you send off a player or a coach, take their card with you and mail it to PAWest. Fill out a game report on paper and sign it. Send to PAWest the signed game report, the card(s) and the other line up cards. (Remember each team gives you two lineup cards. One goes to the winning coach and one goes to PAWest in the case of a red card.)
Return to each team their roster and all other cards.
Report any instance of serious misconduct by players, coaches or fans to your referee assignor.