Dynamo Contact Information

PO Box 8217
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

All Dynamo board members and commissioners are volunteers. Please contact them via email only unless there is a true emergency.

Dynamo Board of Trustees

Name Role Phone Email
Chris Siefert President president@pghdynamo.org
Tara McElfresh Vice President vicepresident@pittsburghdynamo.org
Kim Daboo Treasurer treasurer@pittsburghdynamo.org
Kris Knierem Secretary 412-901-5322 secretary@pittsburghdynamo.org
Elizabeth Votruba Travel Commissioner travel@pghdynamo.org
Lisa Campoli Recreation Commissioner recreation@pittsburghdynamo.org
Ray Pekich Indoor Commissioner indoor@pittsburghdynamo.org
Phil DiPietro At Large Member
Patrick McElfresh At Large Member atlarge@pittsburghdynamo.org
Erik Van de Venne At Large Member atlarge@pittsburghdynamo.org
Andrew Palsky At Large Member
Joey Ahia At Large Member atlarge@pittsburghdynamo.org
Hank Jedema President Emeritus emeritus@pittsburghdynamo.org
Adele Hlasnik President Emeritus emeritus@pittsburghdynamo.org

Recreation League

Name Role Phone Email
Lisa Campoli Recreation League Co-commissioner recreation@pittsburghdynamo.org
Kim Daboo Recreation League Co-commissioner recreation@pittsburghdynamo.org
Bill Delfyett Age-Level Commissioner, U5 u5@pittsburghdynamo.org
Samantha Bryant D'Appolonia Age-Level Commissioner, U6 u6@pittsburghdynamo.org
Abby Horn Age-Level Commissioner, U7/8 boys u7@pittsburghdynamo.org
Carolyn Thorpe Age-Level Commissioner, U7/8 girls u8@pittsburghdynamo.org
Kim Daboo Age-Level Commissioner, U9/10 u10@pittsburghdynamo.org
Cindy Tipper Age-Level Commissioner, U11/12 u12@pittsburghdynamo.org
Age-Level Commissioner, U13/16 u16@pittsburghdynamo.org
Dave Sanders Recreation Referee Assignor recref@pittsburghdynamo.org

Travel League Contacts

Name Role Phone Email
Elizabeth Vortruba-Drzal Travel Commissioner travel@pghdynamo.org
Chris Piccolo Travel co-Commissioner travel@pghdynamo.org
Dan Short Travel co-Commissioner travel@pghdynamo.org
Henry Willis Travel co-Commissioner travel@pghdynamo.org
Alex Meskin Travel Referee Assignor ameskin@netzero.net
Anita Woolley Uniform Coordinator uniform@pghdynamo.org

Indoor League Contacts

Name Role Phone Email
Ray Pekich Indoor League Commissioner indoor@pittsburghdynamo.org
Dave Sanders Indoor Referee Assignor RecRef@pittsburghdynamo.org

Referee Contacts

Name Role Phone Email
Alex Meskin Travel Referee Assignor 412-421-4994 ameskin@netzero.net
Dave Sanders Recreation and Indoor Referee Assignor RecRef@pittsburghdynamo.org