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Coaches: The FBI clearances are now done through Identgo. Go to this page for information and the code to use:

Use the code for DHS Volunteer - 1KG6ZJ as of 3/29/2018

Parents and all spectators - please remember the key parts of the Dynamo code of conduct. We're here to provide an environment where the kids can learn soccer. The best way for them to do that is to learn to solve soccer problems while playing. Yelling instructions at them/Coaching from the sidelines interferes with that learning. It is also not what we're about as a club. Limit your feedback to positive cheering for the team, not individuals. It is even ok to cheer when "the other team" does something well - after all, the front of the shirts all have the same name - Pittsburgh Dynamo.

Dynamo is Different. Come join us.

From day one, it has been the mission of Pittsburgh Dynamo to foster a lifelong love of soccer in every kid.  We are not driven to make every kid a star.  We are not driven to install a 'culture of winning'.  We are here to teach the game as best we can, give area kids a place to play, and even give kids an early chance at a first job as a youth referee.  

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Winter indoor soccer clinics for women over 30

Learn to play soccer, get some exercise, and have fun! Join our Dynamoms winter indoor soccer clinics. Register now! Clinics will be held on Sundays 2:30-4 pm at Sterrett, beginning in January. More info...


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Dynamo Spiritwear
Posted Aug 8, 2016

Dynamo-logo items are available to all Dynamo Families. Check out all the spiritwear at