Greater Pittsburgh Soccer League

GPSL, aka OVER 19 or "open" (must turn at least 23 years old in the calendar year that you play)
home games 8p Oval

Pgh Spearmint Dynamo
Captain Andy Stefanick

Western Pennsylvania Adult Soccer Association

WPASA, aka OVER 30 (must turn at least 30 in the calendar year that you play)
home games 8a Oval

Pgh Dynamo FC
contact Courtney Wright
First schedule (middle division)

WPASA O-30 Team Contacts (all three divisions)

Pittsburgh Masters Soccer League

PMSL, aka OVER 40 (must turn at least 40 in the calendar year that you play)
home games 6p or 8p Oval

Shadyside PDFC
Captains Dave Molder and Pariac McCague and Matt Cline
Premier schedule (upper division)

Dynamo United
Captains Roy Bires and Glenn McIntyre
Serie A schedule (middle division)

Pgh Dynamo Black & Gold
Captains S Hunter Simpson and Devlin Eddins
Bundasliga schedule (lower division)

PMSL O-40 Contacts and Information (all three divisions)

Pittsburgh Senior Masters Soccer League

PSMSL, aka OVER 50 (must turn at least 50 in the calendar year that you play)
home games 8p Oval

Pittsburgh Dynamo
contact Dan Wasson
schedule/standings for Premier League (the only division)

no online contact for all O50 teams

Pickup Soccer Group

There is also an open pickup soccer group that plays up at Schenley Oval on Sundays 10:00am to 12:00p. Email Cyndie Carioli: if you are interested. Fee is $15 to play any or all 52 Sundays in the calendar year.

Rules of the Game

Standard FIFA rules as documented in Laws of the Game will be followed with the exception of the following permitted rule adjustments:

Periods of Play: All regularly scheduled league games shall be played in two forty-five minute halves with a ten (10) minute half time. There will be no overtime. O-40 and O-50 leagues may optionally play games using four twenty minute periods except where referees are being assessed which requires games be played in two halves.

Unlimited substitutions will be permitted in all league games. Two (2) substitutions are permitted per team following a goal and at goal kicks. Two (2) substitutions are permitted by a team at their throw-in. At half-time, unlimited substitutions are permitted. In the event play is stopped to attend to an injury, either team may substitute two (2) players. O-40 and O-50 may have unlimited substitutions at the defined stoppages. All substitutions must have permission of referee and are allowed at his discretion.

Slide tackles are not allowed in the O-30, O-40 and O-50 leagues. A slide tackle is by definition a "tackle" where a player leaves both feet to challenge an opponent. Sliding to prevent a ball going in the goal or going into touch is allowed as long as there is no opponent involved as is sliding when no other player is within 6 feet. Slide tackle calls are to be enforced by referees for the safety of all players and the referee's decision as to whether a player slides or not is final.

In case you are interested in another league, click here to see the various leagues and their commissioner's contact info.