Indoor FAQ

Indoor League FAQs


What are the age ranges for each group?


U6 - Co-ed : Born in 2015 & 2014

U8 - Co-ed : Born in 2013 & 2012

U10 - Co-ed : Born in 2011 & 2010

U12 - Co-ed : Born in 2009 & 2008

U16 Co-ed : Born in 2007, 2006, 2005, & 2004

The league reserves the right to modify age groups to facilitate the formation of teams. The league also reserves the right to restrict an age level's games to a single day to ensure that each team has a sufficient number of opponents. For example, if U11/12 boys does not have enough players, then the age level can be adjusted to U11/13.

More information Calendar Year Placement

All children playing Pittsburgh Dynamo rec soccer during the 2019 winter season will be assigned to age groups by birth year in preparation for compliance with new US Soccer rules. The cut off age for U6 will be 12/31/2014. For more information on the age groupings, please see this Birth Year Matrix from US Youth Soccer.

Do you allow play-ups or play-downs?
It is important that you register your child using his or her true date of birth. Requests to play in an older age group (Playing up) will be considered based on player skill information available to the Indoor Commissioner. Unfortunately, we cannot allow non-skill based requests for playing up, such as scheduling conflicts. Requests to play at a younger age level (Playing down) are not allowed by the club and PA West rules for a combination of reasons. The goal is to keep the game safe and competitive. Operating within these rules allows this opportunity to all involved.

What about practice?
There are no practices for the indoor soccer season.

How are player and coach requests handled?
Dynamo's philosophy emphasizes the development of fundamental soccer skills, knowledge of the rules of soccer, and good sporting behavior. We seek to minimize competitive pressures on our players. We do not pursue success in competition for its own sake, only as a by-product of our approach. The winter league is a community league and is more about maintaining skills during the offseason. The challenge is to provide developmentally appropriate levels of play in this small league. So, we will consider individual player and coach requests as equitably as possible and, in this case, we may allow for such things as scheduling, carpooling and such. As a rule, we do not accept requests to keep teams together between seasons, for any seasons, and this includes travel or rec teams. The reason is to keep the league developmentally appropriate and equitable for all involved. There are many gray areas and the hope is that these guidelines will allow more people to be involved and not discourage participation.

Where are Indoor League games held?
Dynamo Indoor League games will all be held at the Winchester Thurston Gymnasium and The Saint Edmunds Academy Gym.

Dates and times to be determined.

When does the Indoor season start and end?
The Indoor competition starts in January and will continue through March. Complete schedules will be posted before the season begins.

When does each age group play?

The exact game schedule depends on the number of registrants in each age group, but the following is a tentative schedule based on when and where each age group has traditionally played. We're doing everything we can to make sure these general guidelines are maintained.

Age Group


Time of Day

















U16 Sat. TBD TBD

How long do Indoor League Games Last?
Games last 1 hour. First 15 minutes is occupied by warmup and drills by coach. Remaining 45 minutes are game time. Amount of warm up time will likely be longer with younger age groups.

What are the Indoor League requirements for player equipment?
The Dynamo Indoor League requirements for player equipment are:

  • Shin Guards
  • Socks must cover Shin Guards
  • Non-marking tennis shoes--Tennis Shoes only, no marking black bottoms.
  • No Jewelry permitted (around wrist or neck, earrings, or hard hair pieces)
  • Please do not bring balls - approved indoor balls are provided for practice before each game.

What are the rules for the Indoor League?

Te rules on the indoor league vary by age, and are generally formulated for chunks of age groups in two ways: 1) U6, 2) U8, and 3) U10-U16. U6 will generally follow the same rule structure as U8, but will depend more on coaches for guidance. U10-U16 all operate in the same fashion. The rules have been constructed to help facilitate continuity between indoor and outdoor leagues and are to be considered 'as is'.

See full rules here Indoor Rules.

What are the cost for the Indoor League ?

Please see our FAQ Fees page.